Secure Waste Paper Disposal

Secure Paper Disposal

Secure Paper Disposal

Providing you with flexible & effective paper recycling solutions ensuring complete Data security and reducing environmental impact, in addition to your IT Equipment Asset Recovery requirements.

At Ultrarecycle, we provide solutions to help you to recycle your paper for a cleaner future by reducing environmental impact. We are dedicated to providing cost effective services ensuring the secure handling of your paper waste.

Paper Services


We offer both ad-hoc and scheduled collections, with a fleet of vehicles that provide an efficient service and can provide a regular supply of recycling sacks for paper collection.


We are also more than happy for you to drop-off any paper at our secure location in Henlow, Bedfordshire.

As experts in the recycling industry, we ensure that all materials are collected and processed with the most efficient methods for both you and the environment.

What happens to your waste

Paper collected from your locations are returned to our Recycling Facility to be processed in an appropriate and environmentally friendly way.

Paper is sorted and graded, then delivered to a paper mill where it undergoes a variety of processes to produce new products such as newsprint, cardboard packaging, and tissue.

Paper Services

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