Product Re-Marketing

Asset Value Recovery

Repair & Regenerate

Our in-house engineers will endeavour to repair and regenerate as much product as possible, that is deemed to have any remaining market value. Products, typically within 5 years of production, return value. Products over the 5 year threshold may be torn down to components to release the best return.


The re-marketing team at Ultrarecycle use a wide variety of methods to resell products. We have strong partnerships with specialist product resellers as well as using a range of sales platforms including our own in-house web shop. For older products we also have partners who work with charities supplying IT into the third world.

Recover Value

As we, typically, charge upfront for our collection & processing, we are always happy to profit share any revenue generated from re-marketing your products. Depending on the age and value of the product, this can go a long way to offsetting any initial costs.

Asset Value Recovery

Our focus is to promote sustainability and recover value remaining in the asset to help you offset any processing and recycling charges incurred during the ITAD process.

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