On-Site Shredding Services

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Device Shredding at your location

Device Shredding at your location

With ever more strict legislation around data bearing devices, including GDPR, with our fleet of GPS tracked vans we are able to safely shred hard drives either in or at your location.

Our shredding services include:

Hard drives, Tapes, CD/DVD’s, Smartphones, Tablets & USB sticks.

MAXXeGUARD complies to DIN 66399 at various levels for Hard Disks (magnetic), to level O-5 for optical data carriers (CD, DVD..) and to level E-4 for electronic data carriers (SSD, USB, memory cards…) Our MaXXeGuard shredders can be moved into your data centre for any devices to stay within the immediate confounds.

Our Security Cleared shredding team will record all serial numbers and provide you with a full asset list once the shredding is complete.

The true onsite solution that doesn’t damage the environment and is fully compliant with military and Government approvals. With no emissions produced from a noisy generator.

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Secure Locked Box Solution

If for any reason your location doesn’t allow access to shred your data baring devices in situ, we can support your needs with our secure locked box service.

When collecting the drives they will be placed in the box and serial numbers and volumes logged and the boxes are sealed with serialised locks that are registered against those drives on the chain of custody record.

They are transported directly back to our facility in one of our dedicated unmarked GPS tracked vehicles.

Once at our facility they will be verified and chain of custody signed off as they are destroyed.
Destruction certification will then be produced confirming model number, serial number and related serialised lock number, completing the secure disposal.

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Secure Locked Box Solution
Optical Media Destruction

Optical Media Destruction

Kobra Shredder 400 HS-6 Combi
Ultrarecycle are official UK distributers for Kobra Shredders. The Kobra 400 HS-6, which is a NSA approved high security shredder, is used as part of our on-site destruction service for optical media, shredding the optical media into over 3,000 microchips. They can not be retrieved or read, even with specific and dedicated electronic techniques. The shred size is so small that it supersedes the industry’s optical media shred size. This makes the Kobra 400 HS-6 COMBI a preferred shredder for the MoD and Government Departments, for disposing of any optical media.

DIN 66399

The DIN 66399 Standard for the Secure Shredding of Data Media

The DIN 66399 Standard for the Secure Shredding of Paper & Data Media
There is now a new European Security Standard for the Shredding or Destruction of all types of Data Media, the DIN 66399 which, as of the 1st September 2012, supersedes the previous DIN 32757 and DIN EN 15713 standards. The new DIN 66399 Standard has now been expanded from just 5 security levels to now include advice on the level of protection required for all types of Media and 3 protection categories:

    Protection Categories | Security level

Security class 1 – Normal Protection required for Internal Data where disclosure would have a negative impact on a Company or Individual
Security class 2 – High Protection for Confidential Data where disclosure would have a considerably negative effect.
Security class 3 – Very High Protection for Confidential and Top Secret Data which if disclosed could have terminal consequences.

DIN 66399

DIN 66399

Six Media Categories
P Paper Based Products
F Film Based Products including Micro-film, Microfiche, and Slides etc.
O Optical Media including CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray Disks etc.
T Magnetic Data Media like Floppy Discs, ID Cards, Magnetic Tapes, and Cassettes etc.
H Hard Drives from Computers, Laptops, and External Devices
E Electronic Data Media like Memory Sticks, Cards with a Magnetic Chip, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Mobile Phones

Certifications, Approvals and Assessments