ITAD Solutions

Secure ITAD Services

Ultrarecycle’s secure ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) Services provides the confidence that your redundant IT equipment ( including but not limited to Servers, PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Phones and TFT’s) will be safely disposed of while ensuring data protection, minimal environmental impact and full compliance to government legislation and guidelines.

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Asset Tracking

When your assets have arrived into our secure processing facility we will log all items, by serial number where possible, onto our tracking system. Any data bearing devices are segregated, logged and securely processed and certificates of data erasure or destruction will be made available.

Asset Processing

Once items are booked onto our system, they are processed to safely test/check and make-good any assets that still retain any market value. Our goal is to re-purpose as much as possible to increase product life-cycle and minimise waste.

Disposal & Remarketing

When assets have been processed they are either ready to be remarketed and sold, where we can potentially provide a revenue-share, or if they are beyond repair they are stripped to raw materials whereby they are processed accordingly through our AATF facility which is stringently regulated by the Environment Agency.