Using the most advanced technology available...

Our aim is to promote sustainability and the reuse of IT Assets. However, we also understand the need to protect your data. We use two leading methods to safeguard your data and provide us the best yield in regenerating product fit for resale and reuse.

To securely erase data on devices, such as; Laptops, Phones, Tablets we use the certified software from YouWipe. For loose Hard Drives, or drives that fail wipe and can be recovered for reuse we use the market leading Genesis Solution from our sister company Ultratest Solutions.



The Genesis range of Hard Drives Solutions are the market leading products in the Hard Drive Erasure & Repair sector.

Genesis enables us to erase drives to all the recognised standards as well as regenerating/repairing drives which would typically fail erasure with standard wiping software.

Genesis’s Data Erasure capabilities are certified by ADISA under their Product Assurance scheme.

ADISA CertificateADISA Product Assurance SCheme


YouWipe’s secure erasure software enables us to safely wipe data from devices without the need to remove Hard Drives of SSD’s.

We are able to produce a full audit trail as well as certificates of data erasure to enable you to complete your records.

YouWipe Certificates