Data Centre Services

On-Site Engineering Services

Our team of Security Cleared Engineers are available to work on a project basis to decommission either partial or full data centres.

We provide a full end-to-end solutions, including Data Migration, Data Erasure (On or Off-Site), Transportation, Asset Re-marketing and Recycling on the full range of Servers, Data Storage & Networking equipment.

On-Site Engineering Services

Data Centre Decommission

Data Migration & Data Erasure

Our engineering team will perform any data migration & data destruction, as per the project plan.  Data Destruction can include on or off-site data sanitisation prior to relocation and transportation.

Secure Collection

Once the equipment have been safely uninstalled from the customers environment. Our Security Cleared team will fully audit all assets & carefully move the product from the Data Centre to our transportation.  Once secured we will ship the equipment to our certified processing facility in Henlow.

Re-Marketing & Recycling

Once received, we access the market value & the quality of the product, for suitability for resale.  We will endeavour to gain the most value to aid offsetting any costs incurred.

Secure Reliable Services

Secure Reliable Services

Our processes include a full pre-site audit to understand any issues and constraints in moving product safely from the Data Centre to our transport. We will also consult with client to agree a process for the secure removal of any data to ensure full compliance.  Finally, we will agree a program for the resale and remarketing of their product to endeavour to recoup any remaining value in the asset.

Secure TransportOnsite Shredding